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Download ACP 9.0 and ACP Planner 4.2a

ACP 9.0 is current


General Information
Downloading ACP Observatory Control Software
Upgrading? License Requirement
Downloading ACP Planner
Getting Support

Please don't reveal this page location to anyone. It's important to me that evaluators fill in the info form so I can stay in touch with them. Thanks!

General Information

Thanks for taking an interest in ACP Observatory Control Software. The ACP download is a full function kit, with a 60 day evaluation limit. Purchasing a license will remove the time limit.

ACP Planner is free, and will run without limitation.

Upgrading? License Requirements

If you are upgrading your existing ACP to this new version, your current ACP must have a license installed which expires on or after 01-Jan-2022. If you recently renewed your license, make sure you enter your license into ACP before trying to run the new installer. It will refuse the installation, protecting you from installing a version for which you don't have a valid license.

Please don't uninstall ACP - if you do, you will have no way to get the new license entered. It will then be necessary to re-install your old version, enter your new license, then run the upgrade as usual.

Downloading ACP Observatory Control Software

Please note that ACP requires the latest free ASCOM Platform, as well MaxIm DL Pro 6.20 or later, which is available for 30 day evaluation. You will also need the Guide Star Catalog 1.1, available at (instructions for installing are in a read-me file at that location). ACP has a Guide Star Catalog installer that will assist in getting it configured in ACP and MaxIm DL.

Once you install ACP, please please read the read me file. It is opened by the installer program. It will tell you to use the User's Guide, Getting Started section, from the Start menu to configure your system. It also says other things that are important. I have really tried to make it easy for non-technical people.

Downloading ACP Planner (free)

The kit is about 5MB in size, and requires Windows Installer (which is almost certainly already installed on your system). This version is compatible with TheSky X Professional (only) and TheSky 6 Professional (only) as well as Starry Night Pro. Please note that only the Professional versions of TheSky have the support needed for Planner integration.

If you are updating from a previous version of Planner, just run this installer. There's no need to uninstall your previous version.

Getting Support

All of our support (both pre-sales support and value-added customer support) is conducted at the DC-3 Dreams Communication Center. If you have purchased a license, you will automatically be registered as a customer at the Communication Center and given access to the value-added Customer Support sections. If you want pre-sales help, drop us a line and request a guest account, then log in to post to the Pre-Sales Help section.

Above all, HAVE FUN and join the ranks of those who have access to professional class control and automation for their observatories.