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What Will ACP Do For Me?

That's easy. Everything is automatic. Really. Use our ACP Planner to create a single- or multiple-target observing plan (you don't have to know how to script!). Then click a button, select your observing plan and go to bed. The plan will automatically use ACP's incredible set of features, just some of which are listed below. Click the links for details.

Multiple Targets Dynamic Visual Planning Separate Planning & Observing
Every Image Centered™ Self-learning Pointing Corrector Imager Rotator Control
Adaptive Auto-Guiding Adaptive & Periodic Auto-Focus Filter Focus Offsets
Dome and Roof Control Weather Safety Automatic Sky Flats
Auto-Calibration Auto-Flip During Repeat-Sets Image Stacking of Repeat-Sets
Solar System Ephemerides NEOCP Ephemerides Orbital Tracking
Starfield Simulator User Script Hook-Points 70,000+ Deep Sky Objects
Observing Plans Plan Repeats (sets) Chaining Plans
Browser & FTP Access Auto-Astrometry Limiting Mag & Airmass

And if that's not enough, ACP can be customized for special missions through custom scripting. There are hundreds of library objects, properties, and methods for astronomical applications available to ACP script developers. This is no black box!

And have a look at the Preferences settings:

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